Built in 1905 by the Malay Federated States Railway and once renowned as the biggest and finest integrated engineering workshops in the world, it employed as many as 5,000 railway workers in its heyday.

Comprising of interlinked large brick buildings and metal sheds, they once housed depots, engineering workshops and storage areas for steam and diesel locomotives as well as railway carriages.

Seen as a vital rail complex for the Japanese occupiers during WWII, Sentul Depot was heavily bombed by British B-29 bombers. The workshops were partially rebuilt but never regained their former prominence and many of the former colonial railway buildings were left as hollow shells or ruins.

Closed down and disused from the early 2000s, the revival of these stunning structures is part of YTL Land’s masterplan to turn this iconic landmark into a world-famous, must-visit lifestyle destination in Kuala Lumpur.